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-join us @ Putra Intelek International College

1. no age limit
2. min 3 credits (SPM)
3. pass in English subject
4. can apply with July paper result if couldn't meet any requirement

easy,; give me a call,
Ms. Jessica
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Jessica Jitai
Pegawai Pembangunan Siswazah,
Negeri Sarawak.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


  • ·         Founded in 2004
  • ·         Part of HANDAL GROUP, which has decades of investigation and intelligence experience in Asia Pacific region
  • ·         Integrated business defence group in Malaysia & PIIC is the only one college in Asian offering Program DIPLOMA IN RISK MANAGEMENT
  • ·         RISK MANAGEMENT is future management that will teach us about the problem that happen in the future & we’re trained how to solve it now
  • ·         Operational Risk-Mismanagement is the main course for organization failure worldwide

*check our website at; 1)

·         Our college (Putra Intelek International College) was accredited by
1)      MQA (Malaysian Qualification Agency)
2)      JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam)
·         EIRM (European Institute for Risk Management) is our professional partnership
·         Collaboration with Middlesex University

*search ‘Putra Intelek International College’ at; 1)
*go to and click “who we work with” until you find Putra Intelek International College

·         The subject;

1)      English and Communication I/II/III
2)      Business Mathematics
3)      Computer Fundamentals
4)      Principles of Management
5)      Introduction to Statistics
6)      Organizational Behaviour
7)      Criminal Procedures & Investigation
8)      Operation Management
9)       Principle of Risk Management
10)   Operational Risk Management
11)   Human Resource Management
12)   Business Law
13)   Health & Safety Management
14)   IT Risk Management
15)   Business Communication
16)   Project Management
17)   Public Relation
18)   Business Accounting
19)   Decision Making & Problem Solving
20)   Financial Risk Management
21)   Introduction to Entrepreneurship
22)   Employment Law
23)   Crisis Management
24)   Mediation & Counseling
25)   Principles of Investigation
26)   Introduction to Law & Criminal Law
27)   Pengajian Islam (for Muslim)

*we’ve learn all these subject
Why not there are lots of opportunities for us
 (For risk management expert)

·         Opportunities;
Private & government sector:
  • Banks
  • Corporate Houses
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • General Administration
  • Risk Analysis
  • Training
  • Asset Management Bodies
  • IP (brand) Protection
  • Private Investigation
  • Audit Companies
  • Operations Executive
  • Financial Investment
  • Stock Analysis
  • Insurance Industry
  • Market Research
  • Risk Research
  • Credit Rating
  • Armed Forces
  • Police
  • Customs
  • Immigration
  • JPJ
  • Public Service Department
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Brand Equity Researches

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kolej Antatabangsa Putra intelek

·        Kolej Antarabangsa Putra Intelek(Putra Intelek International College)

·        Satu-satunya kolej di Asia yang menawarkan 
Program Diploma Pengurusan Risiko 
yang merangkumi  
Pengajian Pengurusan Pertahanan Perniagaan, Forensik, Pembanterasan, Penyelewengan Jenayah, Penguatkuasaan, Keselamatan, Korporat, Perisikan Penyiasatan dan Teknologi Maklumat dan Komunikasi

·         Diiktirafkan oleh MQA ( Malaysian Qualification Agency)
KPTM (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia)